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Ian, Shelley and kids in their VW California Hire ready for a winter camping experience
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Winter Camping in a VW California Hire

VW California Camper Hire. Winter Camping Weekend

February 2016!!! Am I crazy for booking 3 days in a VW California from Sun Kissed Campers?

My sister was not alone with her question :

“How much wine did you drink for that to be a good idea?”.

Well in short none and I would have to say it was the BEST money I have ever spent……..

It’s February! Am I crazy for booking 3 days in a VW California?

So, I decided to book the 3 days as a surprise for my husband, as he wants a VW California, and I’ve always said NO! Based on 2 factors

1- we will NEVER use it.

2- it’s not an all year round thing and we will only use it when the sun shines, which is NEVER in the Uk and going to south France for every weekend will be difficult.

Based on the fact he was turning 40 I decided I would give it a go and surprise him … My thinking was, if we enjoy winter camping in February then we will enjoy it always, all weather!!!

There’s nothing better than getting back to a toasty and comfortable campervan.

And guess what, it was amazing- needless to say it helped that Stuart at Sun Kissed Campers gave us the perfect VW, which was set up just right for a family of 4- it had everything we would need- from cling firm to a bottle opener…..

As it was was February…..

Yes it rained………and yes we did have a BBQ.. (It would have been rude not too.)

Yes it was muddy, cold and wet…

However there’s nothing better than getting back to a toasty and comfortable van, where you forget its blowing 50mph winds and raining – where a deck of cards, a bottle of red and Billy Joel put the perfect end the a great day on the English Cornish coast…And before I forget to mention….

Yes we slept.

Yes it was very warm.

And the most important fact…yes the kids slept really well!!!!

I would have to say that 3 days in a camper of such high quality is great whatever the weather and based on this I heartily recommend a VW camper, winter camping trip in February….

VW Camper hire ready for winter camping

I would like to personnel thank Stuart at Sun Kissed Campers for providing me and my family with such a great van that was equipped superbly for a winter camping weekend, Stuart was also very accommodating with us and how he talked us though how to get the most out of the 3 days in the VW. We would hire one again and again from Stuart at Sun Kissed Campers- however we off to look at our very own VW next weekend as we are ALL converted to the VW California mind set and way of touring.

Thanks Stuart for giving us the best opportunity ever…..

See you on the road and Happy Touring

Shelley, Ian, Harrison and Florence