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pick up on a Friday after work. Return Sunday evening. 48 hour campervan weekend offer for June
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Midsummer Campervan Weekend Offer

“Good Morning Buddy. How was your weekend? What did you get up to?”

“Oh, nothing much. It’s a shame the weather was lovely. How about you?”

“We picked up a gorgeous VW campervan after work on Friday, from Sun Kissed Campers and headed off to Cornwall. We only got back Sunday evening. They are running a special 48 hour campervan weekend deal until the end of June.”

Camping on the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall in a VW California Hire

“Wow, sounds cool. I wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to camping . Don’t you need a load of kit, it must take ages to get ready? ”

“No, not really. The camper was ready to go and came kitted out with everything we could ask for. “Holiday Ready”, they call it. There was enough kitchenware for four, a comfort pack with olive & rapeseed oils, salt & pepper, not that we did much cooking, but the tea & fresh coffee was most welcome. They’d even thought to include things like tin foil, a Good Pub Guide, dominos and little glamping lanterns, amongst others.

Making Breakfast in a Sun Kissed Campers VW California Ocean Hire

We took our own sleeping bags, but they can supply double duvets, pillows and bed linen if you choose. They have loads of other upgrades too, we wanted to go cycling, so we asked them to include a bike rack.”

“Didn’t it take forever to drive down to Dorset? You can only go about 50 mph in a VW camper, can’t you? I don’t think it’s my thing, I prefer an automatic these days”

“No, not in Sun Kissed Campers vans. They only hire new T6 California Oceans. Top of the range, and they have plenty of DSG automatics with parking sensors, reversing cameras and all that jazz.”



“Ok. But it must be a bit cold at night though, and I bet you were ready for your own bed when you got home last night.”

“They’re really cosy at night. The beds have memory foam mattress toppers and if you feel the cold there’s a thermostatic controlled heater, which is safe to leave on through the night. I got a bit carried away and ordered their fire pit & grill, they even supplied logs and fire starter kits. We spent the evenings around the campfire, under the stars.”

“Oh lovely, a proper old school weekend camping trip. I didn’t know you could have open fires at campsites.”

“Yeah, an old school campervan weekend with bells on! Lots of campsites allow fires these days, so long as it is raised up off the ground.”


Campervan weekend at night. campfires.

“Do you need to be on big campsites with mains hook up to keep the electrics going?”

‘No, the campervan runs the fridge and everything from batteries for days and days off grid. It’s got a 40 litre fresh water tank too, so you can camp up anywhere you have permission.”

“That sounds perfect, a friend of mine is having a celebration in a field in a couple of weeks, it’s a sort of mini festival, but my wife hates the thought of sleeping on the ground in a tent.”

“Yes, it would be perfect. They even have a little wardrobe to hang your clothes. And the front seats spin around to create  more space.”

VW Campervan hire with bedding

“What sort of price did  the campervan weekend cost and is it hard to book?”

“It starts from £325 for a manual drive, whilst the DSG automatic is £355 for 48 hours. It’s pretty easy to book, but there is limited availability until the end of June. Have a click through to their bookings page, you can see what is available and their hire terms. You can send then an enquiry from there and they get back to your very quickly.”

“Does it have to be a weekend? Some of my days off fall mid week.”

“No, I don’t think so, as long as it’s before the end of June, they’re quite flexible.”