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Top Tips for a Happy Family Campervan Hire Road Trip.

Connect with Nature during a Family Campervan Hire Holiday.

Being outdoors, close to nature and close to your family, away from the distractions of the digital world can be such a lovely bonding experience. But if you don’t relish the idea of a spending your holiday in a tent, then a family campervan hire holiday maybe the solution.

 Plymouth University recently wrote a report linking camping to happy, healthy children. It found that in a survey of parents, 98% said camping makes their kids appreciate and connect to nature. 95% said their kids were happier when camping, while many added that camping gives their kids freedom, independence and confidence. The children overwhelmingly said they loved making new friends, having fun, playing outside and learning new skills.

Kids do love family camping holidays, but the same cannot always be said for long road trips to reach your destination. Once the novelty of starting your family campervan hire has worn off, you will all enjoy the benefit of  some pre planning.

To complement the feature article on the new forum, Families in Bath, we have put together a list of tried and tested Top Tips for a happy family campervan hire road trip.

1. Create a Holiday Diary.

The kids are going to be very excited about their holiday. Print some information about the campsite(s) and area you will be staying at. Include photos and facts about your destinations so they can plan what they might want to do. Make sure you leave plenty of spaces for them to fill in with their own drawings. They could also stick things in that they collect along the way.

2. Pack plenty of Snacks.

Be prepared with a plenty of your children favourite snacks. When they are hungry they get bored. Do keep control of the goodie bag though and stick to water from spill proof cups. Remember, you have easy access to the fridge in the VW California to keep fruit and drink nice and chilled.

3. Plan your Journey Breaks.

Everyone need to go to the loo and stretch their legs. Well planned stops can make the journey part of the holiday. Depending on how long you plan to travel try fitting in a point of interest or two. Estimate your 1/2 way point and look for an attraction not too far from the motorway junction. It could be a National Trust property, a circular walk or even an hour at a trampoline park.

4. Travel when the Children are usually Asleep.

Planning an epic journey the length of the UK or into the heart of Europe? You may want to consider setting off at your children’s bed time. Once the excitement has worn off they will soon nod off. You will have the bonus of much quieter roads too. With our lovely VW California Campers you will be at ease knowing your beds can be set up in an instant. When you decide to stop, you will ready to sleep with not much more than the push of a button . (Do check your estimated arrival time and ensure you have a safe place to stop and sleep.)

5. Digital Rescue.

Be strategic when you bring out the big guns. You might be heading out in your family campervan hire for a holiday away from the digital world. But on a long journey a tablet (and headphones) could just save your sanity. We love the BBC iplayer app, as you can download all your kids favourite programmes. They have plenty of choice and you don’t have to worry about using up loads of mobile data. (You may want to ‘lose’ the charger, until the return journey.)