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Fire Pit and Grill at night in front of Campervan hire
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Fire Pit and Grill

Fire Pit and Grill

A camping trip just isn’t complete without a night around the campfire. Sitting under the stars toasting marshmallows is an unforgettable experience for kids big and small alike.
Many campsites are more than happy for you to have a campfire theses days and those that allow BBQ will tolerate your fire pit if you ask nicely, as long as it is raised up off the ground.

Campsites which welcome Campfires

Check out our selection of campsites within reach of our HQ.
Luckily our robust steel fire pit and grill is raised up on legs. Meaning you won’t scorch the ground and you will keep on good terms with the campsite owners in the morning.
The fire pit is good for burning charcoal as well as wood and comes with a grill for when the coals are just right for a spot of cooking.
The steel lid, which doubles as a useful side table while grilling, comes into its own at bedtime, safely locking any remaining embers out of harms way.
We have teamed up with Certainly Wood to offer you best fire making experience possible. Using only British grow, kiln-dried hard wood, these guys have created the perfect Fire Starter Kits using their own logs, kindling and Flamers.* *Natural wood wool dipped in fully refined paraffin wax for an odourless burn!

Recommended fire packages to complement our Fire Pit and Grill.

The Fire Starter

If you’re only intending to have one fire for a couple of hours, toasting marshmallows or grilling a few burgers then the Fire Starter Kit is perfect for you.

Want to push on through until the stars are filling the sky and the kids are asleep, you’d better order an extra sack of logs.
The Fire Junkie
One night just not enough? You want to be looking at the Kindle Kit. All you need to start up to 4 fires, thoughtfully and stylishly packaged. Three sacks of logs should give you two good nights round the fire.
When you hire your VW California your last night can still be a late night round the fire. You can have a lay in knowing you don’t need to return your campervan until 4.30pm. Check out our rates and availability here.