Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do I have to be to hire a camper van from you?

    You have to be at least 25 and less than 70 and have held a full driving licence for at least two years to drive our campers. This is a requirement of our insurance. If you fall outside this age bracket, please do get in touch. We may be able to get a personalised quote from our insurers.

  • What documentation do I need to have?

    • We will need to see each driver’s full license. If you are a UK license holder, you must agree to the requirements of a DVLA digital check.
    • Two of the following; utilities bills, credit card or bank account statement, council tax bill, self assessment tax bill.  which are less than 3 months old and address that matches your license.
    • If you live outside the UK, the same conditions apply, but we will also need to see your passport.

    Please note: we cannot hire the vehicle with out these documents.

  • Can I drive to Europe or Ireland?

    Yes you certainly can. There is a daily insurance supplement for EU countries only, see our upgrades page for details.

  • How much is the insurance excess deposit?

    The insurance excess deposit is £1000.

    We will take a pre authorised payment on your credit card. Nothing will be deducted from you card unless there is damage to the vehicle, its contents or any extra equipment you hire from us.

  • What happens if I damage the vehicle or equipment?

    If you accidentally damage the vehicle we will charge you the amount it costs us to get it repaired or replaced. Copies of receipts can be given.

    The camper van looks like it has a lot of kit and appliances. How will I know how it all works.

    You will receive a full orientation of the camper, its controls, appliances, safety features and maintenance responsibilities. The orientation will take about an hour, don’t worry if you cannot remember everything, we will give you a complete manual with easy to follow step by step instructions. The manual will also have our emergency contact number should you need any further help.

  • Are the gas appliances inside the camper van safe?

    Yes, all our vans are checked annually by a qualified engineer and a copy of the Gas Safe certificate for your specific van is included in your vehicles manual. In addition to this each van is fitted with a digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

    Each van is also fitted with a 2kg powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

  • What happens in the event of a breakdown?

    Our vans are covered by VW Roadside Assist. Their phone number is on a sticker inside the glove compartment and written in the campers manual. In the unlikely event that they cannot fix the problem, they will bring you back to our depot in Bath and we will supply you another camper van, subject to availability.

  • Can you hire to a group of 5?

    Unfortunately not at the moment. Sorry.

  • What type of fuel does my van use?


  • How fuel efficient is the van?

    About 35-40mpg. Depending on how you drive it.

  • How much fuel do I need to leave in the tank?

    We always hand the the van over with a full tank of fuel so ask for it to be retuned with a full tank. Too rushed to refuel? We can refuel for you. We will send you all receipts along with a £20 service charge.

  • Do you have any automatics?

    Yes we have the lates VW T6 California DSG Automatic available to hire.

  • We are booking a ferry and need to know the registration number and vehicle dimensions?

    It’s not always possible to provide the registration number in advance, the ferry company should be happy with just the vehicle dimensions. These are: 4.9m long and 1.9m high. (without roof rack or rear bike rack).

  • How many people can seat and sleep in the vans?

    The California’s can seat and sleep 4 people.

  • What is the shortest hire period you do?

    The shortest hire we do is 3 days. In the peak months it is 7 days minimum hire. If you don’t mind a last minute getaway holiday then we do sometimes have the odd gaps between bookings that we could be flexible with.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes, we have several  dog friendly campers. one dog is allowed. Please contact us to discuss if you have two small dogs. It is the responsibility of our customers to keep the inside of the camper clean. Excessive dirt or animal hairs may result in a £30 valeting charge being appllied.

    The rest of our fleet is pet free. if you suffer from sever allergies please let us know and we will ensure you hire the correct vehicle.

  • What kitchen equipment do i need?

    The campervan comes fully equipped for 4 people. We have tried to think of everything and even have an upgrade package if you are a really enthusiastic foodie. Details are on our standard kit page and Upgrades page.

  • Do you have a toilet?

    No, the campers do not have toilets fitted and we do not supply extra chemical toilets.

  • Can the van be hooked up to power at campsites?

    Yes, the campervan comes with a long electric hook up cable. However you only need it if you want to use a hair dryer or electric toster etc, the campers leisure batteries are good to power the fridge, heating thermostat, lighting and charging phones for days without moving the van.

  • Does the van have heating for the evening?

    Yes, the van has a diesel powered heater.

  • How long will the battery last when I've camped up?

    It should last about four to five days, depending on ambient temperature and other electrical devices being used.

    You only need to drive the van for over half hour to charge the battery back up.

  • How long will the gas canister last?

    A full canister of gas, will typically last about 20 days. If it should run out please follow the instructions in the handover maunel to change the bottle. Please keep the receipt and we will reimburse the cost when you return the vehicle.

  • Does the campervan have a tow bar?


Can’t find the answer? Email us and we’ll get right back to you…






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