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festival campervan style at end of the road



Regular festival goer LUCINDA YOUNG ups her game with her good friend and tries out a festival campervan hire at End Of The Road.


I’m an inverted snob when it comes to staying at festivals. A festival goer with a dirty-fries chip on her shoulder. I keep it real by keeping it real. If you’re not wrestling with bent pegs, wet canvas, and tangled guy ropes in a muddy field then you’re not camping at all. To keep it more real, I like to empty the contents of my rucksacks – the ones I’ve had to lug for miles across a festival site, jumble them all up in my cold and wet tent, and spend three to four days moaning about not being able to find anything. If you’re not doing it my way, then you might as well stay at home and listen to Spotify. I mean who are you, Kim Kardashian?


However when the offer of trying out a Sun Kissed camper van at the glorious end of summer festival End of the Road near Salisbury came up, well I went straight into Kardashian mode and grabbed the opportunity and the wheel with both hands. As drives go the van is smooth and easy to navigate those windy Dorset country roads. There’s an incident with an oncoming bus – a proper big oncoming bus, but once we’ve stopped shrieking, we realise it’s nothing the reverse view camera can’t manoeuvre us out of. On arrival, another huge advantage which I hadn’t considered, but once realised made my load considerably lighter – quite literally. We’re not having to pile up like Himalayan packhorses, and slowly inch our way across densely tented land trying to find a suitable spot. Instead we sail in and are ushered into our allocated parking spot in the festival campervan hire area. Once in, its roof up by pressing a button, a quick shake of the duvets to make our beds, and after retrieving the chilled prosecco from the fridge for a quick toast, it’s off to the site. Almost less than 30 mins from driving in to getting down the front.


Friday Morning to Sunday Evening.

October to April from £285 I May to September from £375

End of the Road Festival


The festival itself in the glorious setting of the Larmer Tree Gardens is a blast – simply one of the best in Britain. Friendly, eclectic, and fizzing with both new and established talent. I don’t have the word count to review that now so let me point you here which sums it all up beautifully. One of my reservations about being in a festival campervan hire is maybe the people surrounding us wouldn’t be as friendly. I don’t think I could have been more wrong. It’s like we had joined another sub section of festival goers – helpful (we sought advice on an awning issue – unaware we were trying to push the catch the wrong way) While the van has charging ports, we both had forgotten the cables – but no problem a quick ask round and voila, a neighbour provides. Sleeping was a delightful – you feel cocooned safe and warm in a van like this, and the main body of the van muffled all outside noise and helps block that too early in the morning light. The weather was good aside from one wet and windy Saturday morning so it was inside table extended, chairs swivelled, bacon sarnies fried, mugs of coffee consumed. Music playing through the Bluetooth and chatting until the clouds cleared. We later look back at our festival campervan experience and realise this as being one of our highlights. Busy lives, kids to care for, full time jobs – all take precedence over catch ups with lovely friends – cocooned off from the outside world, without a schedule for a while was just blissful.

doing a festival in style. festival camervan hire


There was one final highlight thanks to the Sun Kissed van and that was leaving. While it was a wrench to say goodbye to EOTR, it was a simple case of scooping everything up in our respective bags, chairs swivelled, gas off, roof button pressed, and we were good to go. My only concern? How can I ever face a tent again? Sun Kissed Campers have shown me the light!