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Campfires without stinking of smoke

We received this great review from one of our recent customers. Nick is very much a lover of campfires and our new range of kiln dried logs and Flamers natural firelighters. We stock our own fire pit & grill to hire but it can get a bit smokey. As you can see Nicks stove with its long flue makes sure you wont get smoke in your eyes (or clothes) when you are warming yourself of an evening round the campfire. Let us know if you are interested in hiring one.


“Only recently, my wife, Labrador Flora and I decided to hire a campervan as a bit of trial to see whether its something that one day we should perhaps look to purchase.

As a family we have always camped, but probably more so, down in the South of France where the weather is hopefully better than in the UK, but I doubt it will be better than this year – wow, what a summer!

We found Sun Kissed Campers on the internet and we were drawn to them because we wanted a new VW California Ocean version with a cooker and all the modern day gadgets and my oh my, it really did deliver.

As I am a lover of campfires, I had to take my little stove and a few bags of kiln dried logs, along with some kindling and Flamers natural firelighters. My wife was somewhat perturbed by the number of bags and insisted on removing some, but I managed to sneak them back in when she wasn’t looking! I couldn’t bear the thought of running out of good quality logs and having to buy some wet logs from a local garage.

We picked up the van, got our detailed brief from Stuart and off we went down to the Jurassic coast with Flora nice and comfortable on her bed behind our seats. We both agreed on our campsite criteria and mine was simply – Needs to allow campfires and have a sea view, and Lucy’s was, needs to have clean showers and loos. Having made a basic plan of location, we booked our first night on a caravan park which to be honest I was a bit sceptical of as we don’t like to be on sites that are too busy, preferring smaller farm like sites, but with the all-important facilities. As it was the month of May, it was actually pretty quiet so the first site delivered on all criteria. I must say, with no mention on the allowance of camp fires on the website, I was relieved to receive a reply to my text from the warden that ‘No problem on fires as long as off the ground and you keep it attended’ – perfect!

its a hard life camping


I set up our new little Anevay stove which has fold out legs and a nice chimney too and I soon had it lit and the logs burning nicely – two chairs nearby, (from stowage in the rear door!), table (stowed in the sliding door), Flora tethered, awning out, cooker on, G&T poured and life was perfect – oh and by the way, we were looking across the bay out to sea – Every key criteria achieved!

As we wanted to really experience the VW campervan and all is gadgets and of course its versatility around the Dorset country lanes, we stayed in different sites every night and we really did see some fabulous sites and Flora really did love her camping trip as did we all.

It seemed that whilst many campsites did not necessarily list as ‘Allowing campfires’ it seems that a small woodburning stove that contains the fire and is off the ground is really not a problem, but to avoid any sparks or smoke, it really is key that you use kiln dried logs.

So, all in all, a very successful trip which needs to be repeated sooner rather than later and most definitely combining the combination of VW campervan and the joys and wonders of a campfire. I must say, that whilst the Anevay stove worked well, I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the new Aqua Forno stove as this really is something special and will be the perfect accompaniment to any camping trip.

And finally, remember me saying how my wife was not so keen on putting all those logs in. Well, guess what, on day two she said I was right!!! …..and is now a total convert to the wonders of a camping stove and a log fire!!”

Smoke free campfires