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Route of Californian Family during their European Adventure in a VW California

A Californian Family’s European Adventure in a VW California Camper

A Californian Family’s European Adventure in a VW California Camper

(editors note. we currently don’t have a campervan which seats 5)

My family of 5 (myself, my wife, and three kids, 6, 3, and 15 months) live in the US and spent a couple months in Sun Kissed Campers’ VW California campervan.

Given that my wife and I had camped less than a handful of nights BC (before children), we drove off nervously after Stuart handed us the keys thinking we had made a big mistake choosing camping as our way to explore England and Europe.

Californian Family European Adventure in a VW California

A Life Changing Experience in a VW California through 11 Countries!

We couldn’t have been more wrong. 5,100 miles / 8,200 km later, we comfortably traveled through 11 countries, and traversed across seas four times using ferries. I can only accurately describe our experience as positively life changing. Yes, the VW California is a very solid camper, however it was the Sun Kissed Campers service and well-selected Glamping kit, which made our camping experience ultra comfortable, worry-free, and tremendously fun!

Their attention to detail was impressive, even down to providing us with the latest edition of Cool Camping Europe, which proved to be a valuable guide to finding awesome campsite along the way.

Sun Kissed Campers White Glove Service Made Our Experience Worry-free.

I received eight quotes for VW California Hire before selecting Sun Kissed Campers. In comparison, Stuart was quickest to respond and the most thorough in answering all my questions during quote stage. He was super accommodating with my family’s needs, the price was surprisingly one of the lowest, and his high-touch, white glove service was the main reason we selected Sun Kissed Campers. He even personally delivered the VW California from Bath to London, more than a 6 hour roundtrip trek – although he experienced hectic traffic, he still greeted us with positive energy, warmth, and a genuine smile.

The Well Selected Glamping Kit made our Camping Experience Ultra Comfortable & Tremendously Fun!

The glamping package was fantastic. Unlike the other companies, Sun Kissed Campers offers a bell tent. We found it quick and easy to put up/take down, spacious, and light. When we were in hotter locations, we were able to remove the bottom of the tent which let a nice cool breeze through. We’re actually hope to buy one for us to camp in in the US – they are pure awesome! On top of this, we were the envy at almost every camp site we went to – other people camping would take photos of our set up and complement us on how cool it looks. One even told us that after they saw us, they regretted buying a caravan and wish they bought a VW California campervan.

We were the envy of almost every campsite we went to.

Illuminated Bell Tent and VW California Hire from Sun Kissed Campers in Vineyard at La Morra, Italy

VW California and Bell Tent at Dusk in Vineyard at La Morra, Italy

The interior of the bell tent is fully kitted out with comfortable pillows, floor carpets, and a rustic chandelier. We bought a lamp, which we hung from the candle chandelier and my wife and I were able to hang out till the wee hours in the tent once the kids went to bed in the secure van. The fairy lights in the tent added to the romantic setting. (Sun Kissed Campers say – the lamp and electric cable will be added as standard for 2016)

Freshly Brewed Coffee and Spectacular Views.

We’re coffee buffs and the stove top coffee pot consistently made one of the best coffees we’ve had – we would wake up, give the kids breaky, and then sip on freshly brewed coffee in the morning which gave us a little window to soak in the spectacular surrounding views and environment. Of all the extras (too many to mention), we only did not use the hangers (I only wear button shirts on work days ) and the open fire bbq kit, which I was excited to use but didn’t have the time to set up given our situation. Next time, I hope we get the chance.

I will never forget our time travelling in Sun Kissed Campers VW California.

We slept like logs in the VW California camper van and also had the security of the van being locked with an alarm – although we felt safe at the paid camp sites we stayed at and we only locked the van when we remembered. Our two toddlers were able to sleep on the top of the van, my wife and I slept on the bed on the lower level, and our baby slept in her travel crib across the two front seats of the van. Spending so much time together, in such a cozy space made us so much closer as a family. I will never forget our time travelling in Sun Kissed Campers VW California. When I asked my son what was his favourite part of the trip, he said “sleeping in the campervan”. When I asked him, what he liked about it, he look at me puzzled and replied “uh . . .sleeping in the campervan . . .”. And I totally understand what he means as it was so zen sleeping in the VW California, was loads of fun being so close to family, and we typically slept between 10 to 12 hours a night!! (When you’re on vacation and you have kids sleeping that long, this sentence deserves exclamations!).

If you’re considering a camper van experience, don’t waste time – book with Sun Kissed Campers and start building lifetime memories.

We cannot wait till our next adventure with Sun Kissed Campers! Highly recommended to all our friends and family. If you’re considering a camper van experience, don’t waste time – book with Sun Kissed Campers and start building lifetime memories.
Many thanks Stuart – As you can tell, we had a great time with your camper and kit!

If you’re thinking of camping with your kids and have any questions about our experience, I would be happy to oblige. Just email Stuart at

Chris Couhault, December 2015